1. Prices and general info
  2. Rooms in the high-rise wing of the hotel
  3. Standard Rooms
  4. Rooms Classic type
  5. Junior suites Hemus type
  6. VIP Suites
  7. Rooms in the new wing of the hotel
  8. Single Business Suites
  9. Double Business Suites

Prices and general info

Hemus Hotel offers to its guests the following types of hotel rooms:

In the main high - rise hotel wing we dispose of  208 rooms, including:

52 single Standard rooms price: 75 BGN view more B O O K
95 double Standard rooms price: 90 BGN view more B O O K
12 single rooms Classic type price: 96 BGN view more B O O K
28 double rooms Classic type price: 124 BGN view more B O O K
13 junior suites Hemus type* price: 137 BGN view more B O O K
8 suites VIP type price: 153 BGN view more B O O K

The new hotel wing – BUSINESS CENTER HEMUS offers 21 rooms, including:

12 single business suites price: 195 BGN view more B O O K
9 double business suites price: 217 BGN view more B O O K

Prices for hotel accommodation include buffet breakfast, tourist tax, insurance and VAT.
* Prices of junior suite Hemus type and VIP suite are for two people. When third person is accommodated only the cost of breakfast shall be charged and the overnight for him is not payable.


  • The hotel policy requires the payment for hotel accommodation to be made before check-in.
  • Children under 2 years stay for free in parents' room
  • Children from 2 - 12 years have a 50% discount from listed prices
  • For organized events, accommodation of groups and participants in congress and conference events as well as long stays we offer further discounts


  • Air conditioning with individual temperature control
  • Free Internet
  • Hinged windows
  • Picturesque view from north – to the central city area and from south – to the Vitosha mountain